Suffering Foot or Ankle Pain or Discomfort?

Bunions Are a Pain! A Podiatrist Can Help

Bunions are truly a pain! Yet, they do not have to stay that way. A podiatrist or foot doctor can help by offering you non-surgical options to alleviate the pain caused by bunions or by surgically removing them. When you are looking for bunion removal in The Woodlands TX this article will provide you with relevant information that can help.

Bunions: A Quick Overview

If you are suffering from bunions then you are not alone. Statistics show that more than half of the women in America have bunions. Men are less likely to develop bunions. It is postulated that women develop bunions more than men because of the tight shoes and high heels they wear. However, it has been discovered that people in parts of the world where no shoes are worn, also develop bunions. This discovery has led to the understanding that bunions are more likely than not, hereditary.

The best way to identify a bunion is by looking for a bump on the side of the foot at the joint where the big toe connects to the foot. This bump can be unsightly and the cause of lots of foot pain and discomfort. When a bunion develops it is important to seek medical advice through a podiatrist or foot doctor as soon as possible. Podiatrists can give helpful advice that can hopefully prevent the bunion from worsening with time. In addition, a podiatrist will be the person you see if the bunion does worsen.

Get Non-Surgical Advice From a Podiatrist

As aforementioned, bunions can be a pain. Your podiatrist will offer you several non-surgical options to help alleviate or entirely eliminate the pain you may be experiencing from a bunion. Partnering with your podiatrist early will help you to know when surgery needs to be the next step. The non-surgical goal will be to remove pressure from the bunion. Here are examples of the non-surgical instructions you may receive from your podiatrist:

  • Don't wear tight or narrow shoes; Eliminate all pointed toe shoes
  • Wear shoes that form to your feet (your podiatrist will provide specific recommendations)
  • Use over-the-counter bunion pads
  • Medications (your podiatrist will prescribe just what you need)
  • Get Surgical Options From a Podiatrist

If the non-surgical options fail to provide you with the pain relief you need, then your podiatrist will likely recommend surgery. The podiatrist will discuss your surgical options based on your age and the severity of your condition. Finding a podiatrist who has a surgical background is helpful so that if surgery is needed, you will not need to find an additional doctor to perform the surgery.


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