Suffering Foot or Ankle Pain or Discomfort?

Can The Foot Doctor Of Spring TX Put The Spring Back In Your Step?

Many of us are fortunate enough to go through a major portion of our lives without having to give much thought to our feet. They are simply attached to the ends of our legs and they keep us upright while allowing us to stand still, walk or run.

Feet Ache

Maybe, from time to time, we get an annoying ache in our feet but that is usually from overdoing something – anything from standing around all day in incorrect shoes to running or walking a longer distance than we are used to. We certainly wouldn't think of consulting a Foot Doctor In Spring TX every time something like this happened. Some seated rest and maybe soaking our feet in a bowl of hot water is usually all we need to be literally up and running again.

Foot Injury, Illness And Disease

An unfortunate few are born with foot problems, others can suffer traumatic foot injury with broken bones and there are other foot problems that can develop slowly over time from misuse or age. Illnesses like diabetes often cause foot problems and there is even a demonstrated link between tobacco smoking and gangrene in the foot.

If we include the ankles and lower extremities, there are so many things that could go wrong with those parts of our bodies that it is no wonder that there is a specialist branch of medical science devoted to the treatment of foot problems. A specialist Foot Doctor In Spring TX will be a licensed DPM; meaning that he is a fully qualified medical doctor or surgeon who has undertaken additional studies in podiatry.

Foot Injury, Illness And Disease

The medical term podiatry was introduced in the USA around the beginning of the last Century to describe the study and diagnosis of medical and surgical treatments for problems in the human foot, ankle, and lower extremities. Doctors who pursue this field require some 12 years of specialized training and hospital residency before they can be board licensed to practice as a Doctor of Podiatric Medicine (DPM) and work as a Foot Doctor In Spring TX. Foot Injury, Illness And Disease

When people develop problems with walking, it is often as a result of either old age or a sporting injury and the problem might not be life threatening although its sufferer can feel that it has destroyed their lifestyle. All too often, basic medicine tells people to "cut down on their activities; don't enter marathons, go hiking or play tennis, etc".

Sure, this reduces foot pain but, is it the only answer? A good Foot Doctor In Spring TX will try to isolate the real cause of the problem and find a suitable treatment (which could be anything from surgery to specialized footwear). The main aim being to put the spring back in the patient's step enabling them to return to an active life.


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