Suffering Foot or Ankle Pain or Discomfort?

My Feet Are Killing Me

You might happen to live in the Houston Texas suburb of Spring but that does not mean that you always have a spring in your step. How many times have you said these words - "My feet are killing me?" OK, we all exaggerate and, most times, we say those words, all we really mean is that we have either gone on a long walk or have been standing up for a long time; either of which can make your feet ache - a little.

But, What If It Really Is Serious?

Our bodies are (or should be) finely tuned instruments but, for any variety of reasons, they can (and do) get out of tune - sometimes permanently but, often, they can be corrected by some expert treatment. Our feet are but one part of that machine and the people who know how to tune them are known professionally as podiatric physicians. So, if your foot or ankle aches and pains seem to be more than just a little exceptional overuse then the Foot Doctor For Spring TX that you need to consult will be one qualified in podiatrics. It requires at least 12 years of specialized training and hospital residency to become a fully qualified Doctor of Podiatric Medicine (DPM) and a Foot Doctor In Spring TX may be either a physician or a surgeon (or both). Ailments that affect the feet and ankles can have many causes ranging from physical damage (twisted, sprained or broken ankle for example) to medical conditions like diabetes, rheumatism or nerve problems where diagnosis can be complicated.

Life Threatening Or Quality Of Life?

There is some confusion over the terms podiatry and chiropody since specialists in both deal with feet problems. However, the chiropodist is more likely to be involved with relatively minor (but can still be painful to the sufferer) problems like corns, verrucas, calluses or ingrowing toe nails. On the other hand, a podiatrist will have wider medical and surgical knowledge relating to problems affecting the feet and ankles. Although many of these problems might not be life threatening; they can have a major affect on a sufferer's quality of life. Imagine a keen hiker whose hiking enjoyment is being ruined by the onset of foot pain after the first half mile or so. A general medical practitioner might simply solve the problem by saying - "Well, give up hiking then." But, a good Foot Doctor In Spring TX will strive to root out the cause of the pain and make every effort to get the hiker back on "happy trails."


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